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Here's Modeller & Customizer FRANK VILLA, talkin' bout GODZILLA ON THE RAMPAGE:

FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!! Too Sweet!! This is one Awesome Idea!!

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A nuther kustom build n' bash from TexFX

The old Aurora Godzilla was great, but the King of the Monsters looked sorta like a stuffed animal and the base was a real mess. Here's an Aurora-based Godzilla that goes it one better with a ton of kustom work by TexFX!


Surrounded by swirling flames of his own making, 'Jira has been customized to increase his feeling of violent movement - his HEAD IS FORWARD (the better to blast the city with his cold blue flames), his MOUTH IS MORE OPEN (so we can see his mighty tongue - also raised BTW). His TAIL IS LONGER and CURLED behind to give more sense of movement, his massive LEFT FOOT IS NOW RAISED to romp n' stomp anything in his path and his LEFT ARM IS THROWN BACK, 'cause he's slapping skyscrapers aside like they were flies!

And speakin' of cold blue flames... this Goji HAS GOT 'EM! Where would the Big G be without his death-breath? This TexFX Godzilla buildup comes with a convertible FIERY GODZILLA BLAST which can be easily added or removed from his mouth, no glue necessary, the bottom is flat for secure table display. The blast is over 10 inches long ... awsum!

The model has been pro-painted to look like the flames are lighting G's left side, and his fins (dorsals? back plates??) are lit w/that famous blue-white glow that means he's 'bout ready to GO OFF!

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The base has been customized to the max - BUILDINGS HAVE BEEN RAISED to triple height (the original base was so low it seemed to get lost) and COVERED WITH FLAMES on every side - ADDED FLAMES shoot from the tops, sides n' backs of the buildings.

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Here he is without the BLUE FLAME

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Here's what slap-happy TexFXers have to say:

Got the model today! Its amazing!! I can't believe this is mine! The detail is incredible and I love the paint job. Your definately right, this is how Big Daddy wanted you to see these models. The extra stuff is unbelieveable! I can't tell you how much I really love this model, this is great work, Tex! I really love it! Thanks again, Emmanuel P. ("Mother's Worry", "Surfink" n' lotsa support... Thanks, E-Man!)

I liked it in the photos, but in person it's WAY better! Extremely happy! (Dr. K from deep inna heart o' Texas about his “Rat Fink, Too”)

ROCKIN STUFF! Smokin' great items! I love yer creativity! Nicki C. (Weird-Ohs “Outlaw Davey”, “Mr. Gasser”, “Rat Fink”)

Beautiful model... THIS IS TOO COOL!!! (“Lost In Space” w/fantasy base)

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