"It wasn't the airplanes... t'was Beauty killed the Beast!"

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TexFX Kustom BuildUp

Here's a Kong that goes the old Aurora kit one better - “King Kong Triumphant!” He raises his mighty head to shout his triumph to the world, standing on the ledge of his Skull Island kingdom. And he raises his prize, too - Fay Wray (it's the '33 Kong, who else?) is lifted high above as Kong beats his massive chest in victory and dares any creature - including mankind - to take her from him.


This build is based on the Aurora/Monogram kit but has been customized with tons of extra stuff - Kong's head is lifted high off his chest and also his great right arm has been extended to hold the gal way above - new hair covers his neck and shoulder, all seamless of course. Fay's hair has also been customized - it's got extensions (of fine painted plastic) and looks more billowy and windblown. The custom hair makes her figure look like it's in movement as Kong raises her to the sky. (And okay, she could be Jessica Lange or Naomi Watts - or anyone you want!)


COOL job on the Aurora "King Kong", sir! Love the hint of purple on the customized base, adds a surreal feel to it.

Well done!! Sincerely, Ed Dietrich NYC

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I love the original kit, but the base was somewhat drab and has been COMPLETELY revamped to match the look and spirit of Skull Island where Kong was King... check out the brand new stalagmites, gnarly trees, mossy rocks, fallen logs and other goodies - amazing! All pro painted in fantastic colors that look very realistic yet also like a crazy dream or fairy tale! And don't worry... those great original lizards are still here too!

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Your personal touch to this old subject is amazing! i cant believe the work/detail and paint job! I would love to see what you do to Godzilla.... well done im impressed! - “the_lion_roar” on eBay

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Rave: LOVE IT!!! Great Work!!!! God Bless, Frank Villa

"The model is amazing!! I can't believe this is mine! The detail is incredible and I love the paint job. I can't tell you how much I really love this model, this is great work! I really love it.

Thanks again, Emmanuel P.