[Candy Canes]

MICHAEL HIRSCHORN - TV Producer, Magazine Columnist, Trendsetter - Manhattan, NY

"Both your paintings - Catherine Two and Candy Canes - are terrific and have become part of my overall mis-en-scene. Speaking of Catherine, the other day an investment banker asked me how I could spend $100+K on a painting in these tough times! LOL... “

[Reclining Goddess in BRONZE]

OWEN WILSON - Actor/Producer - Santa Monica, CA

"Very nice, man! The sculpture, the race track, everything. She is DYNAMIC!"

[Laughing Goddess 2] [Laughing Goddess 2]

CECILIA LYRA - Contract Designer - San Francisco, CA

"Wow! I can't tell you how happy I am with the new Geoff Greene sculpture my husband bought as a present for my birthday this year. Last year he got me a Porsche... okay, a pre-owned Porsche but I actually like "Laughing Goddess" better! Thanks for enhancing our home and life!"

[Nikki In Green Aston]

NIKKI REED – Actor/Producer/Screenwriter – Los Angeles, CA

"That's ME in that car!"

[Black Pregnant Nude]

SUSAN ELLICOTT - Journalist, TV & Radio Personality - London, Los Angeles

"I really enjoy the sculpture! The kids love it too!"

[Reclining Woman 2]

MEG MEGAW - Producer, ABC TV - New York City, NY

"I love it, we love it, everybody loves it! Just got married and put "Reclining Woman" on the mantlepiece of our new place. It's changes the whole house and looks so cool and retro and wiggly... we are just ape over it!"

HANS HROMATKA - Corporate CEO - Vienna, Austria

"I hung your large painting ("Moron Hat") between the two doors that lead out of my office, so anyone leaving approaches it head on. Depending on whether they take the door on the left or on the right I'm able to judge what kind of person I am dealing with!"
(I'm not exactly sure what he means, either... but sounds like he's into it! GG)

HARVEY GUILD - Art Dealer & Collector - Brooklyn, NY

"I very much enjoy the magnificent painting I got from you, The Good Doctor, which hangs prominently in the entry of my home. It's a work of considerable talent which holds it's place in my collection alongside such artists as Larry Rivers and Louise Nevelson. I should also notify you that the Brooklyn Museum has accepted this painting as part of their permanent collection, upon my demise."
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